Running repairs to a chicken house

For several weeks now, the roof on the original chicken house has looked the worse for wear. As far as I can tell this is partly down to the passing years but I suspect it’s not helped by bored crows pecking at it while waiting to pinch any spare chicken food.

Finally I got organised to buy some more roofing felt as the remaining amount on the roll we had was really not going to be enough to complete the job. There were plenty of roofing tacks/nails left from a similar job on a storage shed from earlier this year so now there were no other excuses left for me to use.

Partially stripped and very tatty chicken house roof
Partially stripped and very tatty


Taking advantage of the cold but generally good weather it didn’t take long to get the job done. This is especially sobering when I consider how long it’s taken me to actually get around to it.

This is not necessarily to a truly professional standard but I think that it’s certainly good enough for those lazy chickens because they aren’t laying any eggs at the moment!

Finally finished the new roof before the daylight fades
Finally finished before the daylight fades

Unfortunately the tidying up efforts were slowed considerably when I dropped the half full container of roofing tacks. It turned out to be a very fiddly job picking up the nails when they’re mixed in with the damp grass and crusty chicken muck!