Books about smallholding

Recommended books for smallholders and those considering the smallholding life…

New Complete Smallholding by John Seymour

If you only get one book about smallholding and self sufficiency then this has to be that book. Absolutely all aspects are covered and normally in enough detail to give a beginner plenty of information and guidance, I can easily see that this will also become a reference book in future even after we have gained more experience.

The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency by John Seymour


Haynes Smallholding Manual by Liz Shankland

More and more of us are searching for the perfect rural idyll our very own piece of the countryside where we can live side by side with nature, produce our own food, and have a degree of control over what we eat. Written by an experienced and successful smallholder, the Smallholding Manual is ideal for existing landowners as well as those contemplating a move to the countryside.

Haynes Smallholding Manual by Liz Shankland


Practical Self Sufficiency by Dick and James Strawbridge

A great reference book packed with interesting information and intriguing DIY projects under a variety of headings such as The HOME, THE PLOT, TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE and much more. The chapter dealing with renewable energy was particularly interesting and gave me a number of ideas for the future.

Practical Self Sufficiency by Dick and James Strawbridge

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