Fame and fortune await…

After a busy weekend which culminated in the delivery of the 2 pigs to the abattoir on Sunday morning, it was a pleasant distraction to see that the promised article about our set-up actually made it into the paper.

There was a nice article in the Sunday Sun – a sister paper to the Newcastle Chronicle and Journal – and I thought that overall they really captured the essence of our adventure. Any inaccuracies in there were probably more as a result of my garbled explanations if I’m honest.

Article about Small Plot Big Ideas
Article about Small Plot Big Ideas

I’m now waiting for the phone to ring endlessly with other media enquiries and wondering whether I should get an agent for the book deals that are bound to come along in due course!

Life continues though and the 2 remaining pigs are slowly adjusting to the quieter surroundings in their pen. Mealtimes are certainly much more relaxed when there’s only 2 faces in the trough!

Only two for breakfast this morning
Only two for breakfast this morning

Rare breed pork for sale in the Allen Valleys

We will have some fresh outdoor-reared, rare breed Tamworth pork available for sale over the weekend of Sat 22/Sun 23 August. This can be collected in person (by prior arrangement) or could be delivered if you live within the Allen Valleys area.

This meat is from our pedigree Tamworth pigs that are raised outdoors in a natural, stress free woodland environment.  Click here to read the blog updates about our pigs if you’d like to find out more about them.

Most standard cuts will be available including roasting joints, chops, steaks, sausages among others with everything vacuum packed and labelled by the butchers before we collect it. As a rough guide, we expect to have a selection of 1.5kg and 2kg roasting joints available as well as chops, sausages, etc in packs weighing around 350-500g.

Pre-orders are recommended to avoid disappointment, particularly if you want something specific as we will only have a limited amount on this occasion.

Please complete the form below to let us know what you would like or find out more information and we’ll be in touch.