Home-made seed trays

Here is a quick bit of information on the preparatory work on  the tins that hold the toilet roll tubes now that they are filled with compost and planted up with seeds.

This example is nothing special just an old chocolate tin from Christmas time (in this case it’s Heroes) with some drainage holes added using a hammer and large nail.


It also seems a good idea to flatten down the edges of these holes as they looked pretty sharp but a gentle bash with the hammer did the trick.

After that it was a simple task to fill the toilet roll tubes with some sieved compost (John Innes No 1 seemed the best option), plant the desired seeds (leeks and carrots) and then water them gently.

At first I hadn’t quite factored in the water absorption properties of the cardboard tubes which meant the first watering wet the tubes as well as the compost. However it was easily dealt with by giving them a second quick watering a short while later.


Fingers crossed for the future but so far my plans seem to be working…

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