The first egg has arrived!

The first egg of many we hopeI suppose it was bound to happen really as I’m not there at the moment to witness the grand arrival of THE FIRST EGG personally.

It’s not entirely unexpected of course especially as the chickens were getting nicely settled and they are around the right age now at about 20 or 21 weeks.

However there is still a slight feeling of having missed a momentous event. I know it’s not on the same scale as the first steps of a child or the moment you take the stabilizers off their bicycle.

Despite that there is an irrational sense of pride – our first egg from our first chickens – even though all the effort was from the chicken and not us.

It may not look like much to others but to us this is something  special, a moment to savour. I’m sure we’ll get used to it soon enough and in the meantime No 3 daughter will be tucking into a nice egg in the morning!

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