Weather woes… again!

After the noticeable improvement in the weather over recent days/weeks I had thought and hoped that we had finally made it to summer but it appears that I was wrong.

Yesterday (Sunday) we had yet another torrential downpour which led to more temporary flooding at the bottom end of the garden. This was not as extensive as on the previous occasion in July but it still meant that we had to venture out in it to relocate the chicken house/run.

Of course I should be grateful that it was just a minor garden problem and did not affect our house. It pays to  keep things in proportion  as it was apparently quite a bit  worse for some people according to the BBC

Just in case I thought it was a one-off for yesterday only, while sitting here at work today about 6-7 miles from home I have heard more thunder and lightning plus there has been news of various temporary road/rail closures in the general area. I guess the journey home may not be a smooth as normal!

The Met Office has a helpful Weather Warnings page which pretty much sums the situation up very nicely. At the moment looks like this:

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