Time for a brief technical interlude

So the dust has started to settle from the house move, the boxes have been (mostly) unpacked, outbuildings are filling up with “spare” items that currently have no permanent home and our original 3 hens have been established in their new area which is shared with the rooster and his 10 ladies.

This means I can turn my attention to some other long-standing tasks that have just been waiting for the right moment. None of them were particularly urgent but in my mind at least the list was growing and I needed to at least make a start on one or more of them soon.

First up has been to sort out a “proper” home  for this blog and so finally Small Plot Big Ideas now has a web identity of it’s own! Luckily I have had plenty of web development experience (PHP, MySQL etc) in the past and so I felt able to tackle the whole job on my own.

After some initial web research I came across a handy script from Interconnect IT which deals with the WordPress database changes so in the end the technical aspects behind the scenes were dealt with relatively quickly. It probably took longer to copy all the files to the new location than it did to get the site back up and running!

While the transition to this new domain has (so far at least) been fairly painless, there is always scope for errors to sneak in with this kind of change so please let me know if you have any problems or spot any broken links.

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