The visitors have settled in

Sheep At The Gate

The latest batch of ovine visitors arrived almost a week ago and have made themselves at home already.  Our agreement with a local farmer for him to use the front meadows is rather vague about timings and so we never quite know when he will put some sheep on there.

The last batch of just a few sheep were only there for a few days before they were moved on to an adjacent field owned by someone else.

Within a few days of the latest batch arriving (about 70 in total) we quickly realised that it’s best to keep the gate closed much of the time. They might be what are known as gimmers, or maybe shearlings or perhaps just plain ewes (or even yows) but I just call them sheep because they all look the same to my untrained eye

Sheep At The Gate
Sheep At The Gate

Hot News

Just the other day we noticed that the farmer has put a tup (see below) in there with them as well and nature is doing what comes naturally. I wonder whether we’ll have the time next year to take a few orphaned lambs from him to raise ourselves?

I think now is probably a good time for my handy link to some common sheep terminology definitions

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