Early signs of growth

The rhubarb that I planted in pots before we moved last year has overwintered safely┬áin a corner of a barn. This probably wasn’t essential but for our first winter in the North Pennines I wasn’t sure what to expect!

Both the Stockbridge Arrow variety and the Champagne variety are looking quite healthy considering the neglect of the last few months. Once I saw that there are already some signs of life I thought I’d try gently forcing them this year.

Forcing is not something I’ve tried before and these were only planted into the pots last spring so I don’t want to push them too hard. On the other hand I want to see how it goes while they are still in pots because I plan to put these plants into an old vegetable bed next year.

Stockbridge Arrow rhubarb
Stockbridge Arrow rhubarb


Forcing rhubarb - Champagne variety
Forcing rhubarb – Champagne variety

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