The chickens are laying… too well!

Unfortunately our chickens are now well up to speed with the egg laying and we’re in danger of disappearing under a pile of eggs.

In trying to deal with this glut my quiche making has improved, I’ve perfected a banana cake recipe and I’ve even had a go at making ice cream. However it’s not easy to get through 7, 8 or even 9 eggs every day!

Upto 9 eggs a day!
Upto 9 eggs a day!

We can give some to friends and neighbours but I think it might be time to look at selling the spare eggs. At least that way the chickens do something to pay for all the feed they get through!

One thought on “The chickens are laying… too well!”

  1. You can freeze eggs, just beat them up, however many you would use for scrambled eggs or cake making per ziplock bag, to defrost remove the day before use and defrost in your fridge. They will store for one year this way, so you will have eggs ready beaten when the hens are not laying.
    You can also use a good amount of eggs making lemon curd, I use the BBC recipe, using four whole eggs per four lemons, I make up batches using 12 eggs at a time and freeze in plastic boxes equivalent to two jars, this also keeps for twelve months, again remove from freezer the day before use and defrost in the fridge, use within ten days after de-frosting.

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