Chili plants still alive…

On top of the other recent and slightly unexpected success with my runner beans, it appears that I’ve also managed to  keep my two chilli plants alive. Despite my best efforts at negligence it seems that they are both still going well although I suspect they would be much better off by now if I had paid them more attention.

Apache chilli plant
Apache – with the start of a crop perhaps

I bought just two plants from the Dartmoor Chilli Farm stand at the North East Chilli Festival back in early July (and a grand day out it was too!).

It took me a while to get around to it but both are are now in slightly larger pots which should help. However as there hasn’t been much action  I’m wondering whether I should add feed?

The Apache one (see left) is looking the most impressive with a couple of peppers developing nicely. Are they called fruit? Or is it a berry? Or perhaps a pod?

This is supposed to be a very easy variety to grow and I think I read somewhere recently that treating chilli plants poorly increases the resulting heat.

Unfortunately that could mean the poor treatment on my part is a bad move as I’m not a huge fan of extremely hot and spicy food.

Stumpy – a variety of chilli

The other chilli plant I bought at the same time was a variety called Stumpy and this isn’t quite so far along – perhaps this variety will develop more slower?

Of course I should remember that it’s called Stumpy for a good reason and is supposed to be smaller so I shouldn’t be too demanding!

I think that overall maybe it’s time for some feed or at the very least a little more regular care and attention.

Nature can work wonders occasionally but from time to time it’s nice to feel that I’m contributing in some small way as well!

I will be keeping watch on both of these plants in the coming weeks. Based on my rather limited knowledge so far I think the tactic is to harvest regularly to ensure a better crop.