A very pleasing dilemma

With the completion of our move looming tomorrow I find that, in a quiet moment at work this morning, my thoughts turn to a dilemma which has been on my mind intermittently over the last few weeks. Among all the hassles of selling and buying property not to mention applying for a mortgage (twice!) this has never a major topic on my mind. However now I can turn my attention to the problem but I’m still not sure…

Should I rename this blog now we are moving to 15 acres?

It would surely be some form of false pretences to continue under the “Small Plot” banner when there will be so much land at our disposal. Of course for some “proper” farming people 15 acres might still be considered a small plot but as we’re moving from a typical suburban garden that is not an opinion  to which I would subscribe.

We still have a wide range of “Big Ideas” for the future though so that part of the name if still very well suited. So far the plans have been limited by the available space but in future I suspect the limitation may well be a financial one instead!

Having said all that, I don’t think that “Big Plot Big Ideas” has quite the same ring to it and besides that comes across as a bit too obvious for my taste.

Maybe I should stick with the existing name as a way of keeping in touch with where it all started?



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