Endings and beginnings

I have to start by saying just how lucky I feel right now with our house move completed. After what seems such a long time thinking about the various options, reading up on the subjects and planning for the future, it was almost surreal to turn into the driveway knowing that it belonged to us.

Our time living on the North East coast has been good but after almost 17 years I was ready for a change and with the kids all having left home we didn’t need 5 bedrooms anymore. I’m not sure that moving to a property with 15 acres can really be classified as “downsizing”, it’s not the usual mid-life crisis either but our house should retain its value better than a Maserati though!

We have been extremely lucky to start our life here with some excellent June weather with lots of blue skies and sunshine. The combination of good weather and huge open skies here just emphasise the beauty of the North Pennines – there’s a good reason for the AONB status here!


When we first viewed the place back in February there was a light dusting of snow but at the time the surveyor went to do his report in March there was too much snow so he had to come back again later to finish his job! I definitely prefer the conditions now but we are also aware of what the winter can bring.


So now I can sit outside overlooking the meadow and watch the lapwings, curlews, pheasants and rabbits in the evening sun while updating the blog. Life really doesn’t get much better than this… apart from having no internet connection yet other than via my mobile phone!

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